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Version 3.12.2

Defender Reworked
Published On: 9/27/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.12.1b

Aggro Control Mechanics
Published On: 9/2/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.12.1a

PVP Balancing, Quality of Life Improvements, and Team Clarity
Published On: 6/15/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.12.1

New ways to Link Items
Published On: 6/12/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.12.0

PVP is implemented!
Published On: 6/11/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.11.1a

HUGE! Content Update! HUGE!
Published On: 5/30/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.15

Mode Balance Changes. Many Bugfixes!
Published On: 5/23/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.10

Quality of Life visual updates. Improved code efficiency.
Published On: 4/18/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.9f

Quality of Life visual updates. Improved code efficiency.
Published On: 4/16/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.9a

Buffs to Slayers/Barbarians. Improvements.
Published On: 1/24/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.9

Quality of life update for all containers!
Published On: 1/17/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.8

Sig continues to impound the server with nerfs.
Published On: 1/16/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.7a

Fixes and Balance updates to recent changes.
Published On: 1/14/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.7

Lifesteal and Regeneration Mechanics have been revamped!
Published On: 1/12/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.6

Can we be over the bugfixes already...I want to move onto the fun stuff!
Published On: 1/6/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.5

More dramatic updates, making Elites harder again!
Published On: 1/4/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.4

Leader Wither has been released. Bugfixes, Habitation changes, Earth Wave fixed.
Published On: 1/3/2017

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.3

Barbarian Mode Quality of Life Updates. Bugfixes.
Published On: 12/29/2016

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.2

Bugfixes, Difficulty Update
Published On: 12/27/2016

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.1

Holiday Patch
Published On: 12/25/2016

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.0a

Published On: 12/12/2016

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.10.0

Large updates to Nether mechanics, World Shops, new Item Cubes, and more!
Published On: 12/11/2016

Additions & Buffs

Changes & Bugfixes

Removals & Nerfs

Version 3.9.0a

Conveniences and bug fixes!
Published On: 9/19/2016


  ->/craft menu is now categorized, allowing players to view a specific category instead of a gigantic list of items at once.
  ->Added a crafting recipe for converting Handmade arrows to Piercing arrows. See /craft for more information.
  ->Fixed a bug that did not cause Mending from being randomly knocked off of Armor occasionally.
  ->Infinity Knockoff on bows should not be happening if the player melees with the bow anymore.
  ->Players can swap the quiver out normally when they do not have a Bow equipped in their main hand slot.
  ->Spleef bugs have been fixed. Players also have their movement speed properly reset when entering the Spleef arena now.

Version 3.9.0

GIGANTIC PATCH! Barbarian mode released, many bug fixes, new Ranger things, updates updates updates!
Published On: 9/18/2016


  ->Server is now backed up with an Incremental Backup system. This allows recovery of lost data down to an hour in precision if anything were to go wrong without using ridiculous amounts of hard drive space.
  ->Gladomain Lifesaver cooldown increased from 3 minutes -> 5 minutes.
  ->Critical Chance % on Moonshadow's set base crit increased from 10%->15%, crit increase per tier 5%->7%.
  ->All damage that is meant to be true damage in Minecraft once again deals true damage. This includes Poison, Wither, Fall Damage, Fire Damage, Void Damage, Contact, Suffocation, Falling Blocks.
  ->Fixed a bug where players leaving and rejoining would cause all glows to become white due to not properly resetting glow color.
  ->Fixed a bug where some damage events did not use custom death messages.
  ->Added isArrowQuiver() and getArrowQuiverContents() to API.
  ->'Greed' artifact ability now has a chance to knock off per kill. The chance a level of Greed gets knocked off has been increased significantly.
  ->Wolfsbane and Alustine sets added to the Slayer set arsenal. Both of these are weaker tiers of Moonshadow and Gladomain, but have their own unique properties.
  ->Gladomain and Moonshadow sets drop at Hellfire and Deadly tiers respectively now.
  ->Dawntracker main stat changed from Health to "Health taken per hit", going down with higher tiers.
  ->Dawntracker 4-piece set bonus changed from Damage bonus to Health bonus.
  ->Panros base Damage stat buffed significantly.
  ->Jamdak 4-Piece set bonus now grants absorption health for each successful dodge.
  ->Lorasaadi Damage set bonus values significantly increased.
  ->Custom arrow damage has been changed from a multiplier to a flat damage bonus. Diamond-Tipped arrows increase base damage by 15, Hand-made arrows increase base damage by 5.
  ->Explosion arrow base damage increased from 40 -> 60 damage.
  ->Piercing arrows have been added. Piercing arrows provide similar damage to Handmade arrows, but have infinite speed and hits all targets aimed in a line. See /craft for the crafting recipe.

  ->Arrow Quivers have been redone. All old item quivers will automatically convert to the new type. Arrow Quivers only shoot from your off-hand now.
    --- When Arrow Quivers are equipped in the off-hand, you can press the 'swap items' key to change which arrow is fired from the Arrow Quiver's inventory. In addition, you can hold shift while pressing the 'swap' key to toggle the opposite way.
    --- Arrow Quiver modes will automatically switch when you run out of arrows in one mode.
    --- Collecting arrows will attempt to place them back in your arrow quiver's inventory if possible.
    --- Right-clicking Arrow Quivers will pull up to 64 arrows at a time from your Arrow Quiver's current mode.
    --- Shift-Clicking a Quiver when not holding anything in your off-hand will now automatically equip it there.

  ->Custom Arrows work with the Infinity enchantment! For each level of Infinity, there's a 10% increased chance of the arrow remaining in your inventory when fired. This applies to all non-standard arrows.
  ->Custom Tipped Arrows display their duration properly when linked now.
  ->The chance of Infinity getting knocked off of a Bow has been increased significantly.
  ->Rangers can now hold either a Bow or a Quiver in either hand to be considered in Ranger mode.

  ->Rangers now have an active ability for Sniping and Debilitation mode as well.
    --- Sniping Mode Active: Arrow Barrage - 2 Minute Cooldown: The player becomes still as they fire 26 piercing shots extremely quickly in the direction they are facing. All arrows from Arrow Barrage ignore no damage ticks.
    --- Debilitation Mode Active: Siphon - 35 Second Cooldown: Can be used when at least 1 poisoned target is nearby. Deals (Poison Level x 10) True Damage and Slows all targets the same level as the number of poison stacks applied to nearby targets for 15 seconds, and grants 4 Absorption health (2 hearts) to the Ranger per poison stack. Refreshes Poison duration on all nearby poisoned targets.

  ->Toggling between Bow modes shows the proper cooldown for that mode.
  ->Base Dodge Chance increased on all Ranger Set Pieces.
  ->Important Action Bar messages now have priority over the auto-updating action bar buff indicator to make action bar sensitive actions more clear.
  ->The Absorption Potion Effect now re-applies all base absorption hearts once every 30 seconds.
  ->Future Life Vial drops have Absorption effect nerfs applied appropriately.
  ->Hellfire Spiders now have a cooldown on their Web Throw. (4 seconds)
  ->Higher tier Cave Spiders (which do not naturally spawn yet) will apply Poison 3 (Dangerous), Poison 4 (Deadly), or Poison 5 (Hellfire).
  ->Higher tier Wither Skeletons will apply Wither 3 (Dangerous), Wither 4 (Deadly), or Wither 5 (Hellfire).
  ->Hits made with Highwinder now stay on-screen for a moment, allowing you to see how much the last damage value from Highwinder was.
  ->Buying back or picking up a shield when not holding anything will automatically place the shield in your holding hand instead of your off-hand, putting you in Defender mode.
  ->Buying back or picking up a quiver will automatically place it in your off-hand if nothing is already there.
  ->All buff displays now show up as regular numbers instead of roman numerals.
  ->Monster AI has been improved to no longer get stuck while being directly in front of you.
  ->Wither Skeletons that spawn in the Nether now have a very high chance of being Deadly or Hellfire tier.

Barbarian Mode has been released!

  ->Defined by wielding an axe in both the main hand and the offhand.
  ->Barbarians swing their off-hand by right-clicking.
  ->Barbarians gain 2 HP (1 Heart) per 1% of Damage reduction.
  ->When Barbarians are hit, they take damage as if they had 0% Damage reduction.
  ->Barbarians deal 20% more damage for every 20% of an enemy's missing health.
  ->Barbarians gain Bonus Lifesteal stacks as they hit enemies. Each stack increases Lifesteal by 1%, up to a cap of 100% extra Lifesteal. The stacks refresh every hit, but wear off after 5 seconds.
  ->Barbarians do not instantly take full damage when hit. Instead, the HP is stored in a 'Damage Pool' and distributed every second.
  ->If Barbarians have points in their 'Damage Pool', they will take up to 15 damage every second. The amount taken goes down by wearing Barbarian gear.
  ->When a monster is killed by a Barbarian, the amount of remaining damage in their Damage Pool is divided by 4.
  ->Barbarians automatically consume Rotten Flesh and Spider Eyes that are picked up. Each one heals for 1% of their health. Rotten Flesh and Spider Eyes in a Barbarian's inventory will automatically be consumed as the Barbarian gets hungry.
  ->Barbarians build up Weapon Charges in two ways: +1 Charge for attacking an enemy with the main hand weapon and +2 Charges for taking damage.
  ->Barbarians have 70% knockback resistance.
  ->Barbarians can release their Weapon Charges by using a variety of commands:
  ->Right-Click (Costs 10 Charges): Power Swing - Swing your off-hand weapon to deal an attack with +100% Lifesteal and +100% Crit Chance bonus. Gives 10 Bonus Lifesteal stacks.
  ->Shift Left-Click (Costs 30 Charges): Forceful Strike - Hit all enemies in a line in front of you, dealing double damage and suppressing them for 3 seconds.
  ->Shift Right-Click (Costs 30 Charges): Sweep Up - Performs a sweeping attack which knocks up and damages all enemies within a 4m radius of you. Doubles your Bonus Lifesteal stacks. Lifesteal effects are doubled during this attack.
  ->Swap Item Key (100 Charges Minimum, Costs ALL Charges): Barbarian's Rage - Converts your missing health into Absorption Hearts and applies powerful buffs. This ability is stronger the more stacks consumed.
    Barbarian's Rage:
       -- Strength Level: +1 per 10 charges
       -- LifeSteal: +1% per 2 charges
       -- Speed V
       -- 100% Knockback Resistance
       -- Duration of Rage: +1 second per 10 charges
       -- +2 seconds of invulnerability per 100 charges
     During Rage you gain double the number of Bonus Lifesteal stacks. You do not gain Weapon Charges during Barbarian's Rage.
  ->Leaping Strike: Barbarians that take fall damage deal triple the damage taken from the fall as damage to all enemies nearby. The range of this attack increases based on how fast the Barbarian falls.
  ->Mock: Press the drop key to perform a Mock attack to all enemies near you. Affected enemies become aggro'd to the Barbarian for 15 seconds and receive 2 stacks of Weakness that lasts 15 seconds. This can stack up to Weakness VI. 20 second cooldown.

  ->Fixed a bug where overworld Enderman would deal damage equal to an End Enderman.
  ->Fixed a bug where certain monsters that were suppressed still performed attacks.
  ->Fixed a bug where Slayers would get the remove stealth effect / sound for every single hit regardless if they were stealthed or not.
  ->Fixed a bug allowing Slayers to perform Assassinate on dead targets.
  ->Fixed a bug where deaths would not keep your inventory, leading to dropped items on the ground and nothing to buy back.
  ->Fixed a bug causing the Yellow Glass to not consistently appear when an Elite Zombie performs the Leap attack.
  ->Fixed a bug causing regular arrow shots from bows to always hit targets when looking at them, regardless if you are actually aiming the arrow properly or not.
  ->Fixed a bug preventing players from being hit by multiple unique damage sources at the same time.
  ->Fixed a bug causing Debilitation mode to not apply the first stack of poison with a normal hit. (Clarification: Only further stacks of poison require headshots.)
  ->Fixed a bug where mobs would ignore aggro rules when hitting each other.
  ->Added convertPotionEffectsToLore() to API.
  ->Added PlayerTumbleEvent() for plugin event listening. - Called each time a player performs Tumble. Cancellable.
  ->Added PlayerDodgeEvent() for plugin event listening. - Called each time a player successfully dodges an attack. Cancellable.
  ->Added PlayerLineDriveEvent() for plugin event listening. - Called each time a player performs a Line Drive. Cancellable.

Version 3.8.6c

Fixes and Minor Additions. Loot rebalancing.
Published On: 9/7/2016


  ->`Suppress` Ability now available for Artifact Shovels.

  ->Loot has been redone to make Slayer drops more fair and not as ridiculous.

  ->Baubles can randomly break on death. Hardened baubles will lose a break remaining when this occurs.

  ->Fixed random bugs.

  ->Artifact tier now appears in item info display when linking artifact items.

  ->Buffs and Debuff icons now show up properly for all monsters and players when there are more than 5 levels of a buff applied.

  ->Added getActualCustomName(), getEntityName(), and getActionBarSuffix() to API.

  ->Death marks can now only be applied when the Death Mark ability is off cooldown.

  ->Death mark reset cooldown reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.

  ->Fixed a bug where the Backstab noise would play for non-Slayer modes.

  ->Updated '/loot' command output.

  ->New Loot Tables implemented. All previous bugs regarding getting wrong gear in the wrong modes have disappeared. Drops have been modernized.

  ->Leather artifact armor pieces now go up to Unbreaking XV. These unbreaking levels also display properly on the items.

  ->Vendetta is now used by Defenders by shift-left clicking, allowing Defenders to still use left-click for basic provoking.
  ->Vendetta now stores 1% of mitigation damage as Thorns true damage, to be applied the next time something hits a Defender.
  ->Vendetta mitigation damage percent lowered from 30% -> 25%.

  ->Defender damage absorption was non-existent since the damage calculation rework. It has now been reimplemented properly.

  ->Vendetta tooltip updated.

  ->A sound effect now plays when Slayers leave or get hit out of stealth.

  ->Added AddItemToRecyclingCenter() to API.

  ->getCooldownReduction() is now visible in the API.

  ->Death Loot now safely fails if something bad happens, and no longer stores a mirror inventory on the server; this prevents items from being permanently lost, or being duped.

Version 3.8.6

Slayer Mode is here... Get ready to destroy your targets.
Published On: 9/4/2016


  ->Fixed a bug allowing players to use Rejuvenation when not in Defender mode.
  ->Fixed a bug allowing players to use Line Drive when not in Striker mode.
  ->Fire Resistance mechanics modified. If you are on fire with Fire Resistance, fire resistance duration goes down by 10 seconds every second. Higher levels of fire resistance resist fire better.
  ->Switching modes while toggling items in your hotbar now reflects your health % properly. This means if you have 50% health in Striker mode and switch to Ranger mode, you'll have 50% health in that mode as well.
  ->Suppression status effect implemented. Entities that are suppressed cannot move, attack, teleport, or explode.
  ->Cooldown Reduction stat implemented. This stat decreases the amount of time it takes for all cooldown-sensitive abilities to be available again.
  ->Fixed a bug where players could activate Vendetta just by having 5 Songsteel pieces regardless of what Tier they were.
  ->Fixed Pre-emptive Strike (x4->x3), Hand-made Arrow(x3->x2), and Diamond-Tipped Arrow(x5->x4) multipliers not being correct in the damage engine.

  ->Slayer mode has been released!

    -Slayer Mode is defined by wearing no armor, and wearing a Bauble in your hotbar.
    -Slayers can make use of up to 9 Baubles by placing them on their hotbar (Ideally you would want to use one slot for a weapon). Each Bauble adds a certain amount of stats to the Slayer, making them more efficient.
    -Slayers take a maximum of 2 HP (1 Heart) in damage from all attacks, making this mode essentially 5 lives.
    -Slayers are not affected by any Health Recovery and Health Regeneration effects. This mode only heals from kills, using the Amulet's set effect, or sleeping. However, Absorption will still work for a Slayer. Absorption hearts just get removed with normal damage calculation rules.
    -Whenever a Slayer kills a target, they recover 1 Heart (2 HP). This can be modified by a special weapon.
    -Slayers can enter Stealth mode by pressing Sneak. Once in Stealth mode, Slayers will not leave stealth until they hit a monster or Sneak again. Stealth mode drains 1 Durability every second from tools on your hotbar.
    -While in Stealth mode, nothing will be able to detect you. Note this does not get rid of aggression from targets that have already aggro'd you.
    -Slayers can Backstab targets by getting behind them and hitting them. A backstab does triple the normal damage of an attack.
    -Whenever a Slayer critically strikes, it suppresses a target for 0.75 seconds. Suppression prevents movement, attacking, teleporting, and exploding. Suppressed targets glow Black.
    -Slayers thrive in 1vs1 situations. If a target is completely alone, they will glow white to the Slayer. Isolated targets take 50% more damage from the Slayer. Slayer's Dodge Chance increases by 40% against isolated targets.
    -Slayers can use the Assassination ability. Press the Drop key while looking at an enemy to perform an assassination: You jump directly behind the enemy, gaining 0.5 seconds of invulnerability. If the next hit after Assassination is performed kills the target, you gain a speed and strength buff. These buffs cap at Speed V and Strength X respectively and last 10 seconds. Assassination cooldown is reset whenever a target is instantly killed in this manner, and you get immediately put back into stealth, preventing further detection from other monsters.

  ->New set pieces have been released.

Version 3.8.5e

Potion Bug has been KILLED! In addition, we fixed and balanced some things!
Published On: 8/30/2016


  ->The flickering potion effect glitch has been remedied. We hope it never happens again.

  ->Execute damage scaling is now fixed.

  ->Armor Penetration scaling has been reduced in the lower tiers.

  ->Lifesteal properly gets applied by Area of Effect again.

  ->Redesigned Debuff Resistance engine to handle debuffs better.

  ->Debuff Resistance now shows up in /stats.

  ->Elite Zombie algorithm has been tuned.

  ->Fixed a glitch where the healthbar of an Elite Monster would remain when the fight was lost or ended.

  ->Elite Monsters now properly get hit by abilities, even when done immediately after regular attacks.

Version 3.8.5d

We hope this potion bug will go away. In the meantime...
Published On: 8/30/2016


  ->Changing Bow Modes now immediately shows you the new mode you are on.

  ->Made switching bow modes with left click not so ridiculously fast when clicking blocks.

  ->Fixed a bug where upgraded enchantments would not transfer over to Artifact upgrades.

  ->Internal Improvements made to Player Mode switching and identification.

  ->Many optimizations made to code. Approximately 20% less calculation time all around.

    ->Removed Lingering Potion Effects due to Line Drive and Elite Monsters.

  ->Line Drive effect has been modified.

  ->Artifacts no longer have their AP directly attached to their level. Greed now consumes one Max AP when the buff is knocked off the artifact. Graceful Dodge properly removes 10 AP instead of 10 Levels now.

  ->/stats behaves differently now. Only shows important stats that are non-zero values. Use /stats equip to see all artifact perks and the level up arrow. Use /stats all to see everything like it used to be. Same with /stats [all|equip]

Version 3.8.5c

No more buggy loot! Changes and Fixes.
Published On: 8/27/2016


  ->All loot bugs and drop rates have been completely corrected (including item sets without breaks remaining/enchantments) and now rely on a proper weighting system to hand out drops. As a reminder, the base chance for a special item roll to occur is 10%. (And this is affected by Looting, Luck buffs, Party member buffs, etc)

  ->All Ranger sets have been revamped. Each set now has its own unique purpose.

  ->Loot from Zombie Leaders are a lot better now.

  ->Added more safe checks to make sure drops were dropping in the world by the game.

  ->Block and Dodge Chance is now hard capped at 95%. Only the Ranger Close Mode "Perfect Dodge" will allow you to dodge 100% of the time.

  ->Fixed a bug where no damage ticks were not being reset for applying Death Mark on monsters.

  ->Fixed a bug with resetting no damage ticks not properly working.

  ->Death Mark behavior has been modified. Targets killed when ignited with Death Mark resets the cooldown on Death Mark, allowing you to cast it again in 1 second. Targets not killed by Death Mark only consumes half the stacks now.

  ->Death Mark tooltip has been updated.

  ->Fixed a bug with Death Loot that prevented items from being respawned on very rare occasions. Extensive logging is now done during death sessions to ensure we have physical proof of respawning.

  ->Fixed a bug with hardened bows not breaking.

  ->Chainmail armor now has damage reduction equivalent to Leather armor instead of none at all.   ->Added getPlayerMode() to API.

Version 3.8.5b

Item Sets now drop based on which mode you kill the monster in for guaranteed set drops.
Published On: 8/25/2016


  ->Fixed Damage not occurring for non-armor damaging damage events.

  ->Item Sets now dropped based on the mode the player kills the monster in. Strikers get striker set pieces, Defenders get defender set pieces, etc. Players in normal mode have an even chance to get any type of set.

  ->Line Drive damage now applies all effects from the weapon used properly.

  ->Critical Strke Particle Effect is back in.

  ->Upgrade Shards properly update their tier in the item name now.

Version 3.8.5a

There's always bugs with new things...This should work better.
Published On: 8/22/2016


  ->Fixed explosion damage to not scale infinitely based on distance.

  ->Fixed explosion damage calculation.

  ->Modified Elite Zombie targeting algorithm to follow proper detection rules like regular monsters.

  ->Fixed a bug that never moved an Elite Zombie's spawn when spawn camping occurred.

  ->Fixed players from getting kicked from the server on death.

  ->Tipped Arrows properly display their custom effects when linked now.

  ->All custom items that used Luck of the Sea just for glowing purposes now hide the enchantment.

  ->Enchantments on vials properly display now.

  ->Added CustomPotion class to handle random generation of vials.

  ->Added setItemTier(),isUpgradeShard(),getUpgradeShardTier(), and setUpgradeShardTier() to API.

Version 3.8.5

Combat System Revamped Again!
Published On: 8/21/2016


  ->Rewritten invincibility application code so it no longer causes players to be permanently invulnerable.
  ->Players now auto equip items bought back after death.

  ->Fixed a bug causing Bane of Arthropods and Smite damage to deal one extra damage more than intended.
  ->Fixed a bug causing Weakness to show up in the Damage Logger when Strength was applied.

  ->Absorption damage calculation is now part of the custom damage calculation, thus resulting in accurate loss of absorption health when taking damage.

  ->Item Cube navigation history resets when opening an item cube from the lower half of your viewing inventory.

  ->Non-armored mobs are tankier. Zombie Leaders became much more tankier.

  ->Lifesteal on artifact items have been significantly reduced.
  ->'/dps' now includes total number of hits and average final damage per hit.

  ->Removed Striker's bonus damage based on missing HP. This is going to be moved to Barbarians in the future.

  ->The game's damage calculation formula has been rewritten! Damage from abilities, skills, and weapons should be consistent across the board. Weapon base damage is now well defined and accurate (only includes bonuses directly from weapons!) Optimizations have been made to the game's damage calculation formula.

  ->Added addIframe(), removeIframe(), and isInIframe(), getLastDamageReason() to API.
  ->Remove double cooldown packet sending.
  ->Fixed a bug causing errors when casting Eruption on Entities that were not Monsters. Eruption is no longer used up in these cases.
  ->Made the nether portal respawn code much less likely to spawn you in a very distant location from your actual bed. It will do a better job of finding a location close to home.

  ->Added flavor text for all death messages. Even custom damage!
  ->All attack bonuses are now applied properly to all abilities, as it should be. Ex. You can now crit on line drives, deal extra damage on poisoned mobs when using Eruption, etc. All custom abilities added through the API should also be handled properly now.
  ->Death loot is handled slightly differently now, putting you in limbo while you claim your items. This prevents the player from being disrupted during this time.

  ->Fixed a bug where Defense bonuses were not being applied in parties.
  ->Fixed a bug with no damage ticks not being removed for all attacks that utilized this behavior.
  ->Fixed a bug where an Elite Zombie would reset after Leaping when there were no other valid targets to be found.

  ->Vendetta behavior modified. When a Full Block occurs dues to block chance, Vendetta damage increases by 100% of the mitigation damage the Defender would have taken.
  ->Defensive enchantments on shields now add to your total damage reduction properly.
  ->Elite monster mechanics modified slightly to be a bit more forgiving.
  ->Item Cube history behavior modified. Clicking outside the window now goes up a level while pressing escape now closes the inventory completely. (like old inventory behavior)

Version 3.8.4b

Long-Needed Quality of Life Updates! Whoo!
Published On: 8/17/2016


  ->Item Cube Navigation is now implemented! Opening item cubes will save their opened order such that closing your inventory will then open up the previous item cube viewed until you have closed all previously opened Item Cubes. In addition, you can click outside the inventory window to completely close your inventory immediately and ignore all opened Item Cube history.

  ->All artifacts when broken now turn into dust... This dust is not useless however. With patience, the Artifact's power may return to you...

  ->All obfuscated in-game text is now obfuscated properly in Discord chat as well.

  ->getHardenedItemBreaks() no longer produces a null pointer exception when referencing a null player.

Version 3.8.4

New Ranger set pieces! Fixes and improvements.
Published On: 8/16/2016


  ->2-piece Dawntracker set bonus has been moved to the 4-piece set bonus. The 2-set bonus is now Debuff Resistance while the 3-set bonus is now Lifesteal %.

  ->Ranger pieces are now officially implemented as part of the new set system. Their stats no longer apply to just Ranger mode, just like the other sets.

  ->Ranger pieces now drop just like all other set pieces, no longer requiring the killer to be in Ranger mode.

  ->All old Ranger set pieces will be automatically converted to the new set system.
  ->Rangers can now shoot through players and damage mobs properly.
  ->Detecting if players are playing Spleef has been optimized.
  ->All non-monster damage entities no longer deal damage at 20 ticks per second.
  ->Fixed a bug where Line Drive's damage ramped up massively based on number of targets hit.

  ->Blocking now displays your Block Chance % alongside your Damage Reduction %.
  ->Fixed a bug causing the Damage Reduction % message to display twice when blocking.
  ->Projectile Protection and Blast Protection are no longer additive with the total Protection level. Each is calculated separately and is a separate multiplier in calculations involving Damage Reduction.

  ->Invulnerability lasts until buyback is done.

  ->Fixed Barbarian Set.

Version 3.8.3

Many bugfixes, Party revamp, cool changes!
Published On: 8/13/2016


  ->Fixed a bug with legacy artifact items causing errors.
  ->Fixed a bug where players would randomly lose items permanently from the buyback screen by clicking around on the bottom inventory.

  ->Zombie Leaders no longer randomly have very low amounts of health.

  ->World shop Purchase messages now survive server restarts so players are aware of all items that were sold.

  ->Purchasing items from shops now attempts to gives you the item in your inventory directly rather than just dropping it on the ground.

  ->Localize all Music Discs properly.
  ->Skulls and Heads have been localized.
  ->Add a sound for when Deadly Creepers get primed to explode. (Make the sound consistent with Hellfires.)
  ->Items dropped after a player dies and buys back items will be invulnerable to fires, explosions, etc.
  ->Fire effects and explosions for Hellfire monsters and angry Creepers has been dramatically reduced!
  ->Global attack cooldown against Elite monsters reduced from 2.00 seconds to 1.75 seconds.
  ->Custom arrows no longer show an irrelevant potion effect type in their description.

  ->Party system has been revamped to be distance-based instead of region-based. Players can be up to 32 blocks away from each other to be considered in the same party. Parties that are nearby other parties will automatically have their parties combined.
  ->Party bonuses are now applied for each 'additional' party member, not for total party members. (Before you would get +20% Damage / Defense with you and one other party member. Now you only get +10% Damage / Defense.)
  ->Added IsInSameParty(p,p2), isSetItem(item), getItemSet(item), getItemTier(item) to API.
  ->Fix Defender Damage Reduction for other party members.

  ->Zombies can now hold decorative shields.
  ->Shields display properly when linked in chat now.

  ->Fixed a bug where respawning on a location with a Nether Portal prevented you from buying back items.

  ->Bow Artifact Experience is now buffered and held back until you are no longer in combat to prevent the bow from cancelling drawbacks due to XP updates.

  ->Fixed Lifesteal not being able to fully heal a player.
  ->'/dps' tracker now shows the largest single hit dealt during tracking time.

  ->Graceful Dodge invulnerability time has been significantly reduced. Graceful Dodge properly stacks when it's on multiple pieces of gear. Graceful Dodge now costs 10 levels per point.
  ->Graceful Dodge properly applies Night Vision when activated.

  ->Critical Damage scaling has been fixed to scale properly from 200% instead of 0%.
  ->Graceful Dodge properly applies Night Vision when activated.
  ->Killing an Elite Monster now announces the DPS dealt among all participants.

Version 3.8.2

Elite Monster fixes, and Set Item Modifications.
Published On: 8/10/2016


  ->Modified Elite spawning algorithm slightly.
  ->Elites no longer blind you for so long. In fact, they blind you briefly to indicate they have targeted you (when changing targets)
  ->Elite monster HP increased from 1200->4800.
  ->Elite loot has been significantly modified and balanced. Elites drop their gear when killed. They also drop an elite loot chest for each player, which contains many goodies. Finally, there is a small chance to get some extra loot that may be useful later...

  ->The Songsteel piece bonus has been modified. It no longer provides Health and instead provides % Block Chance. Block Chance has a chance to completely nullify damage, but only while blocking. Just like Dodge Chance.
  ->The Dawntracker piece bonus has been modified. It no longer provides Lifesteal and instead provides Health. The Dawntracker set bonuses have been modified as well. It now provides % debuff resistance, Damage, and Lifesteal.

  ->Weakness no longer weakens abilities.

  ->Fix a bug with Greed always being knocked off of items.

  ->Malleable Base Drop rate has been reduced significantly.

  ->Fix a bug where collecting arrows shot from an arrow quiver would not restore it to the arrow quiver and just plain disappear.

  ->Fix some incorrectly displayed text.

Version 3.8.1

New Craftable Arrow Types! Bugfixes and updates!
Published On: 8/9/2016


  ->Fighting Elite Monsters now displays a healthbar if you are targeting one.
  ->Fixed Elite monster equipment drops to properly set enchantments on items.
  ->Players can now shoot arrows through each other.
  ->Hunter's Compass activation now occurs on a right-click while holding it in your hand. Updated the item's description accordingly.
  ->Fixed a bug where a Hunter's Compass will not disappear from your inventory when it breaks with only one left.
  ->Fixed a bug where non-hellfire mobs were dropping Hunter's Compasses.
  ->Fixed a bug where Elite monsters could be leaders.
  ->Fixed error messages being caused by clicking outside of inventory windows with certain items.
  ->Fixed a bug where Bow users would be targeted even though the monster was aggro'd by another player.
  ->Fixed a bug with Poison allowing players to instantly kill monsters.

  ->Fix explosion damage not properly applying damage to entities.

  ->Zombie Leaders no longer have random amounts of health.

  ->Breaking sound now plays when a Hunter's Compass breaks.

  ->Modify Zombie Leader health to much higher and consistent values.

  ->Elite monsters now have 50% more health.

  ->Set items will automatically update their descriptions more often now, so if you have an out-dated piece, it should auto-update.

  ->Vanilla behavior that subtracts durability based on damage taken is removed. All damage taken only removes 1 point of durability per hit.

  ->Headshot calculations are much more accurate now.

  ->New Craftable arrow types are now available! These will power up the Ranger class greatly when used properly! But can be quite expensive.

Version 3.8.0

Elite monsters are here. And they're tough as heck...
Published On: 8/7/2016


  ->Elite monsters have been implemented. They will appear very rarely and only when certain conditions are met. These are EXTREMELY TOUGH MONSTERS and it would be in your best interest to be extremely geared before challenging these bosses.

    Recommended Stats:
      TANKS: 70+ HP, 98% Damage Reduction
      Damage Dealers: 100+ Raw DPS, 50+ HP, 85% Damage Reduction
      Recommended Party Size: 4 Members
      Do not expect to be able to escape from these fights easily. It's kill, or be killed. Elites do not despawn.

  ->You can hunt for an Elite Monster by finding a 'Hunter's Compass'. These can be found as drops from Zombie Leaders rarely.

  ->Fixed a bug where Greed would end up having a negative % chance of breaking.

  ->Fixed a bug where 'Headshot!' and the "!" pre-emptive strike indicators were not appearing properly.

  ->Fix Rabbit's Foot not working for Malleable Bases. If you had a Malleable Base before this patch, you may type '/fix' while holding the bad bases to have the timer reset and continue.

  ->Fixed a bug where Explosions were not properly dealing damage to players.

  ->Fixed a bug where Explosions were ignoring Damage Reduction.

  ->Fixed a bug where monster damage was ignoring Absorption health.

  ->Name tags now cancel the naming process and are refunded if you try to name it something that would turn it into a stronger monster. (Example: Deadly Zombie)

  ->After death, players respawn with 10 seconds of invulnerability.

  ->Increased health pool of lower tier Zombie Leaders.

  ->Death Mark and AoE damage now appears in '/dps'.

  ->Greed knock off chance reduced dramatically.

Version 3.7.3c

Updates updates updates. Bugfixes, new particles!
Published On: 8/5/2016


  ->Fix Rejuvenation to subtract durability from Shields.
  ->Fixed a bug where players can duplicate items after dying by leaving the game with the Death Loot inventory open.
  ->Fixed a bug where shield durability would be subtracted when using Defender's Rejuvenate skill even when it was on cooldown.
  ->Fixed a bug where Line Drive's cooldown was not visually correct with the cooldown indicator.
  ->Fixed a bug where Thorns was not applying the proper amount of damage to mobs and players.
  ->Fixed a bug with percent health remaining calculations being inverted.
  ->Fixed a bug where Line Drive 5-set bonus was not properly working.
  ->Zombie Pigman is now detected properly when deciding if bonus loot should be dropped.

  ->Malleable bases do not drop for massive amounts of experience (ex. Dropped from players dying.)

  ->Make EXP rate reach a cap for spawning Malleable Bases.

  ->Experience that spawns will no longer lose any value due to other nearby experience orbs being spawned.

  ->Line Drive cost increased dramatically.

  ->Fixed a bug where a Ranger's Dodge buff would be consumed when the player was hit while invulnerable.

  ->Rejuvenation now costs 400 durability per cast.
  ->Essences no longer spawn due to projectiles causing teleports and water causing teleports.
  ->Armor penetration formula has been fixed.
  ->If /dps is on, damage per hit is displayed on screen.
  ->Rangers that shoot Endermen send them to oblivion...
  ->Damage from explosions is now x1.0 intended value (Up from x0.375)
    ->Damage dealt from Line Drive now scales from x1-x5, based on how much health the mob is missing when performed.
  ->Line Drive Cooldown increased by 4 seconds.
  ->Habitats influence nearby habitats now.
  ->Killing a mob with Line Drive now lowers the cooldown of Line Drive by 2 seconds per kill.
    ->Improved internal settings for cleaning up the monster list of despawned monsters.
  ->Leaders now gain their red glow back if they lost it after a few seconds.
  ->'Greed' perk nerfed heavily. Requires a lot of point investments and knocks off of items frequently. Only divides stats for each piece that has Greed on it, instead of how many levels of greed exist.
  ->Fixed a bug where Greed divided all stats more than one time per piece.
  ->Death count now shows in player list.
  ->The new artifact tier cap is T15. All stats leading up to T15 have been scaled accordingly.
  ->Added 'Survivor' perk to Artifact Armor.
  ->The secondary explosion from mobs exploding now does proper damage to players.
  ->Damage particles now appear appropriately when players deal damage and critically strike.
  ->All damage dealt, including damage from skills now show up on the player's screen when damage tracking is enabled via '/dps'.
  ->Malleable Base Drops are now invulnerable, so they do not get destroyed while hunting.

Version 3.7.3a

Item Sets are great! But they require good farming...
Published On: 7/31/2016


  Fixed a bug where Purchase shops would turn into sell shops.

  ->Defender Mode in-game text updated.

  ->Set piece tiers are no longer based on the type of piece they are created on. Instead, tiers of higher rank require a lot more luck to obtain than lower tiers.

  ->Set pieces of different tiers no longer work together due to their set bonuses being different per tier.

  ->Old versions of set pieces are automatically updated on relog to reflect their new values.

Version 3.7.3

New Item Sets to farm! Bug fixes!
Published On: 7/31/2016


  ->Fixed a bug where Artifact bows were not able to gain any experience.

  ->Fixed a bug where player death messages were appearing more than once.

  ->Fixed a bug where Strikers were not getting a passive 20% critical chance.

  ->Minions from Zombie Pigman Leaders are now actually Zombie Pigmen instead of regular Zombies.

  ->Critical Strike Chance is now displayed in /stats.

  ->Life Steal Amount is now displayed in /stats.

  ->New Item Sets are now available as mob drops! Find them, mix and match set bonuses, or try for a full set for the extra 5 set perk!

  ->Recycling Centers now prevent common items from appearing inside Recycling Centers. (If they are actually common.)

  ->Death Loot Manager now properly survives server restarts, so players who have died and ragequitted no longer will have permanently lost their loot.

  ->Added 'hasPermissionToBreakWorldShopSign(Sign,Player)' to API.

  ->API methods that relied on block checks but had arguments of type Location have been updated to Block arguments.

  ->Shops now update their stocked amount properly if they are relocated to another chest or if the server crashes.

  ->Item Localization Fixes

  ->Artifact Equips that despawn have a 100% chance of ending up in a Recycling Center.

  ->Hellfire Endermen now create Endermites while they fight you.

  ->Leader mobs glow red now.

  ->Reinforcements no longer spawn additional leaders.

  ->Pre-emptive strikes are now calculated as mobs not having noticed you yet. Mobs that do notice you become exempt from a pre-emptive strike.

  ->Durability on equipment properly decreases when hitting monsters.

Version 3.7.2

Smart Mobs will avoid Mob Traps and such.
Published On: 7/28/2016


  ->Fixed a bug where arrows would not properly disappear when hitting mobs.

  ->Fixed a bug where mobs could not deal damage to each other.

  ->Removed mob spawn height reductions for worlds that are not the Overworld.

  ->Added a new non-deprecated version of DealDamageToEntity().

  ->Updated Striker Mode, Defender Mode, and Ranger Mode descriptions in-game.

  ->Mobs are smarter about where they spawn now. They will figure out areas that are dangerous and avoid them. You can check what the expected Habitation level of an area is with /stats.

Version 3.7.1

Internal Code and Game Engine getting Cleaner!
Published On: 7/27/2016


  ->Absorption works once again.

  ->Add getArtifactAbilityValue() to the API. Returns the raw value of an ability on an artifact item. (Ex. If Strike 5 gives the player 4.2 Damage, then this method returns 4.2.)

  ->Fixed a bug where Preservation on Artifacts would actually increase the decay rate of Potential loss.

  ->Fixed a bug where the death messages from players dying would display twice.

  ->Fixed a bug where Creepers would always deal the same amount of damage regardless of how close or far away the player was located.

  ->Eruption now releases blocks broken up into the air, making the effect more interesting.

Version 3.7.0a

Combat System Revamped. Tweaks to all Modes and bonuses given everywhere!
Published On: 7/24/2016


  ->Fixed a bug where the number of drops was exponentially increased based on drop bonuses.

  ->Fix a bug with identifying valid Malleable Base Quest item types properly.

  ->Fixed a bug where 1 player sleeping would cause the server tick time to be modified drastically.

  ->Artifact base weapon damages have been buffed to reflect their wooden counterparts.

  ->The size of Hellfire Creeper and Deadly Creeper angry explosions have been reduced.

  ->Add getPlayerVelocity(Player) to API. (Returns player velocity in m/sec.)

  ->Added DPS meter/Damage breakdown. Start the tracker with /dps. Stop it again with /dps to view results.

  ->Fix "Piercing" Artifact Ability displayed value.

  ->Strikers are now invulnerable during the dash of Line Drive.

  ->Defenders can now press Q (drop key) to activate "Rejuvenation", which gives a 2 second invulnerability window, and 10 seconds of Regeneration X. Costs 20 shield durability. 2 minute cooldown.

  ->Wither skeletons, Guardian Bosses, and Pig Zombie Leaders are now named properly.

  ->Using [] now displays the amount of items being held when linking items.

  ->Server Icon updated with a night time picture of Twoside.

  ->Fix a bug where two minecarts would be produced when shooting a minecart with a bow while riding in it.

  ->World shops now automatically sell the next available item stored in the world shop chest when it sells out. (Ex. Putting stone and cobblestone in a shop will switch the item to cobblestone once stone sells. The price is not modified however.)

  ->Added isWorldShop(Block) to API.

  ->Deadly mobs had their base stats buffed slightly to decrease the difficulty gap between Deadly and Hellfire mobs, while increasing the step up from Dangerous to Deadly tier.

  ->Increased the Resistances of Dangerous, Deadly, and Hellfire Mobs that do not wear armor normally.

  ->Eruption and Earth Wave damage values have been buffed significantly.

  ->Artifact Equips no longer get a 2x damage bonus from being a Hardened piece.

  ->Ranger's Passive bonus damage reduced from x4->x2.

  ->All Damage increasing enchantments have been converted from 10% bonus multipliers to their respective vanilla damage increase values, except for Power. Power follows the same formula as Vanilla Sharpness values now.

Version 3.6.2

Close Range mode receives buffs.
Published On: 7/19/2016


  ->Basic item decomposition has been removed. Transmutation through Alchemy is the preferred method to decompose materials now.

  ->Zombie minion damage slightly nerfed.

  ->You know how I said Anvil renaming was really fixed, like really, and I meant it? Well, I now I really mean it for the last time. Really.

  ->Ranger Close Mode receives modifications:

    -> Rangers that kill a mob in Close Range mode will obtain a "Full Dodge" buff. This buff lasts until the player takes damage from any damage source. The buff provides 100% dodge chance.
    -> Rangers can now tumble by holding shift and left-clicking to gain 1 second of invincibility and a speed buff. Rangers who have a full set will gain 3 seconds of invincibility from this ability.

Version 3.6.1

Sniping mode revisited and rebalanced.
Published On: 7/18/2016


  ->Fix a bug with bows renamed by anvils to create never-ending ranger mode strings on an item.

  ->Fix a bug with the server automatically restarting on plugin updates when there were still players online.

  ->Headshot hitbox size is now a function of how far back the bow is drawn. Barely drawing the bow back leads to a much smaller headshot hitbox.

  ->Sniping Mode for Rangers has been modified:
    Headshot damage increase starts at x2 damage. This amount increases by x0.25 for every level of Slowness the Sniper obtains. For every shot hit, the Slowness stack increases by one level, and refreshes the duration of Slowness (5 second duration) up to 8 stacks. At Level 8 Slowness, a sniper's headshots deals x4.0 damage. When Slowness wears off, your damage counter resets. This allows you to move around while not sniping without having to change modes.

  ->Sniping Mode now costs 3x normal durability for each arrow shot.

  ->Added notifyBrokenItemToPlayer(ItemStack,Player) to API.

  ->Absorption works again.

  ->During thunderstorms, mobs will spawn at 100% the regular spawn rate.

Version 3.6.0

Ranger mode is here!
Published On: 7/17/2016


    ->Fixed the order messages appear for automatic updates when players leave to force a plugin update.

  ->Fix a bug with the "AOE" ability dealing no extra damage.

  ->Fix bow damage when hitting mobs regularly with it. (Sharpness still increases damage)

  ->Fix bug with /awakenedartifact error'ing out when holding a non-artifact item.

  ->Artifact Equipment now has a chance to end up at the Recycling Center when despawned.

  ->Artifact Equipment is invulnerable if dropped.

  ->Dodge Chance now displays in /stats.

  ->EXP for Artifact bows now gets stored and charged up until you kill something. EXP is infused into the bow once the kill occurs.

  ->Improved the calculating efficiency of the "AOE" ability.

  ->Improve detection of when mobs should be dead. No more mobs that will be "unkillable" without a proper damage source.

  ->New loot added to the loot tables. Ranger gear can now be obtained if the killer is a Ranger. Ranger gear provides bonus dodge chance so you will never get hit! There are also sets to collect. Getting all 4 pieces of a set rewards you with +20% increased damage reduction and +20 Health! All the stat bonuses from the pieces only apply when the wearer is a Ranger.

  ->Thorns has been buffed! Thorns does flat damage equal to the level of the enchantment. If you have multiple pieces with thorns, the highest level piece will be used to calculate damage. This means stacking thorns on multiple pieces is ineffective! Be careful fighting mobs with Thorns on them also.

  ->Transitioning between parties is now smoother, no longer has updating issues with player names.

  ->Player mode is now displayed in the player list and can also be viewed with /stats.

  ->Health display in player list turns blue when you are full health.

  ->A notification and sound now plays when strikers activate a Pre-emptive Strike.

  ->Information about each combat mode (Defender, Striker, Ranger) can now be displayed by clicking on it in /stats.

  Ranger Mode is now available!

    ->Defined by holding a Bow in one hand, and no shield in the off-hand. Can only be wearing leather armor, or no armor.

    ->Left-clicking mobs will cause them to be knocked back extremely far, basically in headshot range, when walls permit.

    ->Base Arrow Damage increased to x4.

    ->Arrow speed massively increased. Your old max firing speed is the new minimum drawback speed.

    ->You can dodge 50% of all damage from any damage sources.

    ->You have immunity to all Thorns damage.

  Shift Right-Click: Change Bow Modes

    - Close Range Mode (Default): You gain the ability to deal headshots from any distance, even directly onto an enemy's face. (Old headshot behavior)

    - Sniping Mode: Headshot collision area increases by x3. Headshots deal x4 damage, but you also have Slowness VI while in this mode.

    - Debilitation Mode: Adds a stack of Poison when hitting non-poisoned targets. Hitting mobs in this mode refreshes the duration of the poison stacks. Headshots made in this mode will increase the level of Poison on the mob, making the mob more and more vulnerable (+50% damage per stack).

Version 3.5.4

Drops need to stop being dumb... Plus Quality of Life updates!
Published On: 7/15/2016


  ->Plugin update messages no longer appear twice in special circumstances.

  ->You no longer auto-pickup shields if you are in Striker mode.

  ->You can no longer accidently drop a sword while sneaking, even if you are wearing a shield.

  ->Fix a bug where Line Drive's cast direction could be modified mid-cast.

  ->Fix a bug where a mob would get hurt multiple times from one Line Drive cast.

  ->Normal Loot from monsters will drop regardless if a player has killed them or not.

  ->Bow artifacts now apply experience after launching the arrow instead of when the arrow hits an enemy. If an arrow lands its mark, you will gain extra experience for the next arrow fired. Headshots will give even more bonus experience for the artifact bow.

  ->Fix Drops and experience drops when the player kills mobs indirectly.

  ->Vanilla Minecraft drops from mobs will now appear properly even when players do not directly kill the monster.

  ->Mending for Harvesting tools has a slightly less likely chance to fall off than on weapons and armor.

  ->Lowered 'Auto Repair' base values to be a little less ridiculous. Artifacts with Auto Repair will not repair as quickly while underground (no sunlight).

  ->'Line Drive' damage reduced from x10 -> x7.

  ->'Line Drive' now costs 5% of your sword's durability to cast.

Version 3.5.3

Strike away thy heathens!
Published On: 7/13/2016


  ->Fix perks that dealt damage indirectly to set the enemy's target correctly. This leads to dropped items and exp when killed.

  ->Fix a bug where indirect damage perks that dealt flat damage were dealing true damage instead of damage calculated by damage reduction.

  ->Fix a bug with the Beliggerent perk that would cause the combo to fail permanently while the player remained online.

  ->Fixed a bug where (theoretically) receiving more than 2000 EXP would give extra levels without reducing the EXP amount properly per level up.

  ->Fixed a bug where leaving and rejoining the server will allow you to use abilities that are supposed to be on cooldown.

  ->Fixed a bug where the Crit Damage perk lowered the total amount of damage dealt.

  ->Fixed a bug where attempting to upgrade armor pieces through the /stats menu does not work.

  ->/stats now displays the upgrade button for artifacts that have no perks, but have AP.

  ->Highwinder perk now requires faster than regular walking speed to activate. (Sprint or use a speed buff.) As compensation, base damage has been increased by 50%

  ->Highwinder perk now displays how fast you are moving and the amount of bonus damage as you are fighting monsters.

  ->Fix Saturation not having any effects and hunger draining due to health regeneration.

  ->Armor bar now shows the proper amount of armor based on the damage reduction values of this server.

  ->Upgrading artifacts now resets the "Breaks Remaining" amount to 5.

  ->Added methods DealModifiedDamageToEntity() and DealTrueDamageToEntity() to the API.

  ->Defenders now have 75% reduced knockback while blocking.

  ->'Server is shutting down...' message displays when a plugin update server restart occurs.

Striker Mode has been implemented!
  ->Identified by only using a valid weapon with no shield in off-hand.
  ->10% passive damage increase
  ->20% chance to critically strike
  ->Every 10% of missing health increases your damage by 10%. (Max: 99% damage increase at 99% lost hp.)
  ->Getting hit increases Speed by 1 Level. Stacks up to Speed V (Lasts five seconds.)
  ->Swinging your weapon stops nearby flying arrows. Each arrow deflected will give you a Strength buff. Stacks up to Strength V (Lasts five seconds.)
  ->Throwing your weapon while sneaking will perform a line drive. Enemies you charge through take x10 your base damage.
  ->Strikers have a 20% chance to dodge damage from any damage source while moving.
  ->Pre-emptive Strike - Hitting a target when both the player and the enemy are at full health deals x3 normal damage.

Version 3.5.2

More perks, more fun!
Published On: 7/12/2016


  ->All armor perks implemented.

  ->All sword perks implemented.

  ->All shovel perks implemented.

  ->Auto Repair, Preservation, and Greed perks implemented.

  ->Ability Points is now calculated based on how many points are consumed on the artifact item. This way "temporary" perks do not result in a complete loss of points.

  ->Fix /stats not updating damage value until called twice.

  ->/stats now shows a small upgrade button if you have AP, for easier access than typing a slash command.

Version 3.5.1a

Infinity and Mending not so OP...
Published On: 7/12/2016


  -Fix Death Mark ability not dropping any items for mobs killed on finishing hits.

  -Fix bug with artifact bows not receiving experience for killing unarmored mobs.

  -Arttifact fishing rods now give some experience for fishing as well.

  -Mending and Infinity enchantments are no longer permanent. They have a 1/2048 chance of being knocked off each time you get hit, hit a mob, break a block, or fire a bow (Depending on which item the enchantment exists on). The game notifies you when this happens. If the Mending or Infinity level is greater than 1, it only removes 1 level.

Version 3.5.1

Artifact System Tweaks
Published On: 7/12/2016


  ->Fix bug with artifact scythes not tilling grass and yet still receiving experience for it.
  ->Fix bug with potential being ignored if an artifact item had maximum durability.
  ->Fix bug with the experience meter of an artifact extending beyond the designed amount.
  ->Fix bug with player joining causing server disruption.
  ->Fix bug with buying back items not actually taking money away from the player's pocket.
  ->Fixed "Automatically Equipped" message to display the actual name of the item if one exists.

  ->Pickup Item sound now plays when you pick up items that are automatically equipped.
  ->Artifact Armor gains a small amount of experience now for dealing damage to mobs.
  ->Removed level cap of Artifacts.

  ->Scythe Artifact abilities have been implemented.

  ->Fix a bug with absorption lowering the total amount of damage dealt by monsters.
  ->Absorption effect now applies extra maximum health to the player to compensate for them actually being useful.
  ->Implement "Auto Repair" Artifact ability.

  ->Artifact types now start from Stone tier instead of Gold tier and work their way up to Diamond.
    ->If you have an older version of a T3 or lower artifact, type /fix to update it to the new item type!

  Fix all Artifact Upgrade recipes to accept the same tier version of the recipe so the amount of materials, whether built from scratch or directly will require the same amount of crafting materials. (Ex. Use T1 Recipe + T1 Artifact Item to make T2 now. T2 Recipe + T2 Item = T3 Recipe, etc.)

  Converting EXP via bank now asks for the amount of experience points to convert instead of the amount of levels for better precision.

Version 3.5.0

Artifact System V.2.0 is out!
Published On: 7/10/2016


  - /stats properly displays damage from bows, and displays information on artifact perks if you have Artifact items equipped!

  - Fixed a bug that miscalculated damage dealt by arrows. You will notice bows (especially ones with Power) are more effective now.

  Artifacts can now be crafted once again. Similar recipes as before:

View post on

  Once you have your basic recipe, you can convert that straight into an artifact item by placing it in the crafting table.
  Your artifact comes with Potential, Level, Experience, and Ability Points (AP).
    Potential - How quickly you gain experience. It goes down as you level up. It resets whenever the item breaks.
    Level - The current level of the artifact. The maximum level is Level 1000.
    Experience - The current level of the artifact. The maximum level is Level 1000.
    Ability Points - How many points remaining/total you can assign to abilities.
    Abilities - Once you obtain a level, you can place the AP you earned into an ability. Abilities increase the strength of your item and provide useful benefits!

  (The upgrade list appears automatically whenever you level up. If you want to upgrade at a later point in time, use the /awakenedartifact command.)

Leveling Up your Artifact   -Leveling up your artifact requires a lot of time and work invested into it. But the results will pay off.

    Weapons: Requires you to deal damage to mobs. The tougher the mob, the faster experience is earned.
    Armor: Requires you to take damage from mobs while wearing the armor. The larger the damage amount resisted, the faster experience is earned.
    Tools: Break blocks, till soil (scythes).

  (Note some items such as Axes, Fishing Rods, and Scythes fall under the Tools and Weapons category.)

Upgrading your Artifact   -Upgrading your artifacts increase the power of the abilities on them and will eventually last longer, usually having various enchantments on them as well.

To Upgrade:

  Insert 2 of the same tier recipe and an artifact crafting item to get the next tier recipe.

  Upgrade Recipes:

    T2 Recipe: Two T1 Recipes + One Artifact Essence
    T3 Recipe: Two T2 Recipes + One Artifact Core
    T4 Recipe: Two T3 Recipes + One Artifact Base
    T5 Recipe: Two T4 Recipes + One Ancient Essence
    T6 Recipe: Two T5 Recipes + One Ancient Core
    T7 Recipe: Two T6 Recipes + One Ancient Base
    T8 Recipe: Two T7 Recipes + One Lost Essence
    T9 Recipe: Two T8 Recipes + One Lore Core
    T10 Recipe: Two T9 Recipes + One Divine Essence + One Divine Core + One Divine Base

  Next combine the new recipe with your lower tier artifact item to upgrade it to the next tier! All stats and enchantments go with it! (And may be further upgraded.)

Don't forget about your Helper recipes!

Helper Recipes:

  Decompose: Take any higher tier crafting ingredient and turn it into 2 of a lesser tier. (Ex. Lost Core converts to 2 Ancient Core which converts to 4 Artifact Cores)
  Compose: Take two lower tier crafting ingredients and turn it into 1 of a higher tier. (Ex. 2 Artifact Cores convert to 1 Ancient Core)
  Powered Artifact: Take an Artifact tier item and directly convert it to Divine Tier by combining any Artifact tier item with a Nether Star!

Version 3.4.7a

Send Money!
Published On: 7/5/2016


  Players can now craft and write Checks! Use these to transfer money between players. Craft the check, right-click to set the check amount, then give it to another player. They can cash it in at any local bank and receive money from the player.

  Hellfire Zombies behave a little smarter around lava and water.

  Rally - Zombie Leaders will cause nearby monsters to aggro the player targetting them, unless they are already aggro'd by another player.

  Fixed a bug with drops not working properly for non-Deadly and non-Hellfire mobs. They should be dropping items once again.

Version 3.4.7

You're going to have a bad time...
Published On: 7/5/2016


  Custom Potion Effects now display properly when linking items or viewing shops.

  The Poison effect now increases damage taken from all damage sources by 50% times the poison level. Poison is much more deadly!!!

  Fire Damage, Fire Tick Damage, Wither Tick Damage, and Poison Tick Damage now deal true damage, making them much more intimidating.

  The Luck and Bad Luck buffs modify drop rates from monsters. +50% drop rate per level of luck. -50% drop rate per level of Bad Luck.

Version 3.4.6

World Shops are functional again!
Published On: 7/3/2016


  World Shops are back! Only can be placed on Chests and Trapped Chests now (like the old shops.) The Chests themselves contain the contents of the shop, whether buying or selling.

  Zombie Reinforcements are a bit more intimidating now...

  Drop rate for Mega tier tools has been decreased significantly.

Version 3.4.5

Item Cubes Quality of Life Update!
Published On: 7/3/2016


  Item Cube functionality is 100% complete and functional.

  Opening item cubes when other players are also viewing them now properly shows and updates all contents between each other. As smooth as using a chest!

  Shift + Right-clicking a chest with an Item Cube in hand will dump all the contents of an item cube into the chest you right-clicked!

  Fixed Loot Table. Minor errors with it.

  Hellfire Zombies got smarter.

  Zombie Reinforcements are stronger now.

Version 3.4.4

The game gets harder...
Published On: 7/2/2016


  Updates to a number of mechanics in-game, to further streamline game balance and difficulty.

  Loot Tables are a bit different now. Your chance to get loot has decreased quite a bit, but in return, you will get appropriate gear from easier mobs to progress better.

  Hellfire Zombies can now break down blocks to get to you! Just like old Charge Zombies... Be careful! (They won't cause ridiculous holes when left alone however...)

  Mysterious Essence drops a bit more randomly now.

  Fixed damage calculation errors when getting hit by explosions. Explosions now deal the proper amount of damage to mobs and to you.

  Fixed a bug where Artifact weapons were not receiving the proper damage buff.

  Party'ing improves drop rate by 33% per party member now.

Version 3.4.3

Fixed Item Cubes!
Published On: 6/27/2016


  Removed the ability to have multiple people view an item cube inventory simultaneously. Too many bugs and limitations. Instead, you will get a notification when someone else is using the item cube.

  Fixed a strange bug that caused Item Cubes to be duplicated.

  Disable all Crafting recipes when a player tries to substitute an item cube as a chest.

  Added a new recipe to duplicate Ender Item Cubes even further: Ender Item Cube you want to duplicate + 1 Nether Star. Share with more people! For a price...

  Item Cubes no longer have any unintuitive cancels. Inventories won't randomly drop items when failing.

Version 3.4.1

Squish the bugs, with efficiency!
Published On: 6/26/2016


  With a lot of stuff going on, there were bound to be errors and things I missed!

  Redefined PlayerStructure as a Hashmap to make things run much smoother! Less TPS issues!

  API updated with more useful methods.

  Anvil renaming appears before actual crafting so you can see the result of renaming an item.

  Malleable Base Quest blacklist has been redone. Removed a lot of problem items that did not really make sense in the list.

  Fixed Jack o'Lanterns not working with Malleable Bases.

  Each level of Looting now increases drop rate of rare items by 10%!

  Mysterious Essences do not drop when mobs are targeting players and when being near them anymore. This prevents exploiting their AI for Essences while afk'ing.

  Tooltip item linking information updated for Potions, Books, and Banners.

  Fixed an issue where () and [] were being converted out of context. Ex. Saying .toString() turned into .toString(99,56,-172).

  World shops cancel out better when you don't give proper responses. In addition, shops handle decimals and integers properly now.

  Fixed the durability of regular item drops from mobs.

Version 3.4.0

Artifact Crafting Now Here!
Published On: 6/24/2016



Base Recipes

  Start with a certain amount of Mysterious Essence. The amount depends on what you are trying to make.

    3 Essence: Shovel
    4 Essence: Hoe
    4 Essence: Boots
    5 Essence: Pickaxe
    5 Essence: Axe
    5 Essence: Helmet
    6 Essence: Bow
    7 Essence: Leggings
    8 Essence: Chestplate
    9 Essence: Sword

View post on

With the exception of the Sword, these are crafted in the crafting grid in the same shape as their normal counterparts, but using only Mysterious Essence items instead.

  Create 2 of these Base Recipes. You will now need an Artifact Essence.
  Two T1 Recipes + 1 Artifact Essence creates a T1 Artifact Piece.

You can use this, but it's not that great. You will need to upgrade it more to actually start benefiting from it.

Place the T1 Artifact Piece in the Crafting Grid to produce a T2 Recipe. You might start seeing what is happening now, and what this crafting system is all about...
You will need 2 T2 Recipes, which means you need to make two more T1 Recipes to break down to T2 to produce the next tier!

  Two T2 Recipes + 1 Artifact Core creates a T2 Artifact Piece.

And if you have not figured it out yet. You can break the T2 piece into a T3 Recipe.

Requirements to Craft:

  T1: Requires 2 T1 Recipes + 1 Artifact Essence
  T2: Requires 2 T2 Recipes + 1 Artifact Core
  T3: Requires 2 T3 Recipes + 1 Artifact Base
  T4: Requires 2 T4 Recipes + 1 Ancient Essence
  T5: Requires 2 T5 Recipes + 1 Ancient Core
  T6: Requires 2 T6 Recipes + 1 Ancient Base
  T7: Requires 2 T7 Recipes + 1 Lost Essence
  T8: Requires 2 T8 Recipes + 1 Lost Core
  T9: Requires 2 T9 Recipes + 1 Lost Base
  T10: Requires 2 T10 Recipes + 1 Divine Essence + 1 Divine Core + 1 Divine Base

Helper Recipes:

  Decompose: Take any higher tier crafting ingredient and turn it into 2 of a lesser tier. (Ex. Lost Core converts to 2 Ancient Core which converts to 4 Artifact Cores)
  Compose: Take two lower tier crafting ingredients and turn it into 1 of a higher tier. (Ex. 2 Artifact Cores convert to 1 Ancient Core)
  Powered Artifact: Take an Artifact tier item and directly convert it to Divine Tier by combining any Artifact tier item with a Nether Star!

Note: The Artifact Crafting System requires a very large amount of crafting materials. While the process is lengthy, the results are well worth the efforts.
Each artifact comes with a certain number of breaks on them. These breaks are not normal however! Over time, they will regenerate, making Artifacts much more durable and usable over long periods of time!
  If your item does get close to breaking, the game warns you!

In addition, Artifacts start off really weak. But by Tier 7, they are better than anything you can obtain in the world! By T10, they are god-like.

Dying to the Void only costs $1 to recover each item. (We thought it was too harsh.)

Bows display proper base damage now.

The Base Damage / Damage Reduction notifications pop up less often.

Artifact Drops are more prevalent.

Fixed some minor bugs with the Malleable Base Quest and Artifact-related drops.

Added the ability to type () in chat to output your coordinates to players.

Version 3.3.5

The Updates continue...
Published On: 6/19/2016


  Buy Shops can now be created! Place a sign with "buyshop" on the first line, then right-click with the item you are interested in buying!
    The Blue - BUYING SHOP - label turns Yellow when you have items to pick up from it! It uses your bank's money to supply players with payment.

  Zombie Leaders now provide more experience points and better drops than regular mobs!

  Updated the Healthbar display for mobs to show the number of health bars remaining (No more spazzing out letters).

  Updated Loot Tables slightly.

  Rare / Important drops now have name tags above them giving them more visibility when hunting!

  Base Damage and Damage Reduction now show up in one message for better indication of your damage output and damage taken.

Version 3.3.4

A Quality of Life Update!
Published On: 6/18/2016


  Headshot hitboxes were adjusted. Headshots no longer are granted for point-blank shots. You must aim for the head from a moderate distance!

  HP Regeneration when consuming food reduced to 1 HP. (From 1 HP + 5% of max health) Regular health regeneration remains untouched.

  Fixed a bug where sometimes players would get double the intended drops from monsters.

  Item Cubes are easier to navigate now. You can open item cubes in your inventory when viewing ender item cubes. You can also manipulate and open item cubes while in the crafting table menu now.

  Sounds play when opening and closing item cubes, just like opening and closing chests.

  /sound command added. This is a toggle for the little notification sound when a player sends a chat message. Use /sound to toggle it on and off.

  Durability is now displayed in item info when viewing world shops and linking items in chat. This prevents you from getting cheated out of a full durability item!

  Fireproof oak wood slabs can now be crafted! Crafting recipe is one slimeball plus one regular oak wood slab.

Version 3.3.3

Death Mercy implemented.
Published On: 6/16/2016


  On Respawn, Players will now be presented with the ability to purchase back items lost.
    Cost depends on the level below the surface in which the items were lost.

  Fixed minor capitalization bug and moved Player Chat to AsyncPlayerChatEvent.

Version 3.3.2

API for Developers, Fixes
Published On: 6/15/2016


  Weapons for Zombies along with other weapon-holding mobs have been updated. They are a bit stronger now, so be careful!

  Baby Zombies are not allowed to carry weapons anymore. They are already small and frustrating enough to kill.

  API added for developers to use features of this plugin. Download @

  Fixed Tipped Arrows and Potions from not displaying proper names when linked or added to World Shops.

Version 3.3.1

Items In Chat!
Published On: 6/13/2016


  You can now link and show off items in chat! Type '[]' wherever you want the item you are holding to appear.
    (Example: Hi guys! Check out this new sword I got! [])
    If you are holding it, it will show up in chat. Players can mouse over it and see the stats!   

  Minor Bugfixes, shops now display items with more accurate and human readable names.

  Malleable Base Quest is a little less mean about giving out rewards. The names are also human readable now.

Version 3.3.0

World Shops! And much much more...
Published On: 6/11/2016


  World Shops Added. Party System Added. Tanking mechanics in Minecraft added! Artifact Crafting Drops!

Enabled Features:

  World Shops can now be created by players!

    -Players can create shops by putting the word "shop" on the first line of the sign.
    -Click the sign with the item you want to sell to start the shop process.
    -Follow the prompts and set the price.
    -You can click your shops at any time to put in more items or take them out and to modify the price.

  Party System is now active!

    -Being near other players will grant you extra buffs and bonus drop rate.
    -Defenders can absorb damage for party members. (See Defender Notes)

  Defender Mode is now available!

    -Players are identified as 'Defenders' when they use a shield in their main hand, sacrificing their ability to deal damage. But in return, gain the following perks:
      -Base Damage reduction from shields goes from 5->10%.
      -Blocking damage reduction goes from 50->70%.
      -When not blocking, you will have Regeneration I.
      -While blocking, you will have Regeneration II.
      -Blocking gives 8 health (4 hearts) of Absorption damage.
      -When hit while blocking, you build up Resistance, one level per hit, up to Resistance V (lasts 2 seconds)
      -When blocking and in a party, if a party member gets hit, you absorb 50% of the damage they take, which is then reduced by your damage reduction. Effectively nullifying 50% of damage party members take.
      -Blocking will aggro all nearby mobs to the blocking defender. They will glow temporarily to indicate they have shifted aggro.
      -10 extra base health (5 hearts)
      -Getting hit as a defender increases saturation, so you will not go hungry while tanking.
      -Hitting mobs as a Defender aggros them.

  Artifact Crafting Drops appear when certain conditions are met!

    -Drops for the Artifact Crafting system will now appear.
    -Save these for the Artifact Crafting Quest release in 2 weeks.
    -Malleable Base is obtainable when certain conditions are accomplished. These have a small item fetch quest. Complete the quest to unlock an artifact crafting item!

  XP -> Money conversion now available!

    Earn money by converting your hard-earned EXP at the bank! Find the sign and simply tell it how many levels to convert to money. (For reference, 1 EXP point = 1 cent.)

  TNT recipe changed.

    Gives 5 TNT per craft instead of just one! Great for the Mining job!

  Loot Tables have changed.

    More rare drops (including hardened drops!)

Version 3.2.0

Spleef is here! (again)
Published On: 6/4/2016


  Spleef Arenas have been implemented!

Enabled Features:

  Spleef Arenas can be played on by going to the Spleef Area located South of Twoside!
    (There's a Minecart station leading to it.)

  Health Regeneration has been slightly buffed. Now Heals 1 HP + 5% of your max HP per tick

  Tons of random little bugfixes.

  We're now on a new Dedicated Server! (Ask Sig for the IP)

Version 3.1.1

Many bugfixes, and portable crafting!
Published On: 5/30/2016


  A lot of bugs pertaining to the last update have been addressed. Portable crafting tables have been added to the recipe list!

Enabled Features:

  Portable Crafting Tables can now be crafted.


  Clearlagg plugin has been added to help track mob density. Should help prevent the gigantic lag spikes.

  Bow users are still not strong enough! Headshot damage increased to x8!

Bug Fixes:

  Fixed an assortment of bugs with the Item Cubes, including ones that caused items to be completely lost.

  Fixed a bug where Skeletons were not dealing the proper amount of damage with arrows. This has been corrected.

Version 3.1.0

The big Survival Dream Sig has always wanted...
Published On: 5/27/2016


  Survival Update has been applied. Many survival aspects have been modified.

Enabled Features:

  Health Display in the online list is now simpler.
    A dark color means the player needs to eat.
    Indicators for being in the Nether and having a status effect are also shown.

  Attacking no longer has a cooldown, you can spam click again without penalty.

  You can set your respawn point by right-clicking a bed, even during day-time now.

  Attacking things displays how much health is remaining.

  Equipping armor now increases your maximum health.

    Leather: 3% damage reduction, 1 HP per piece.
    Iron: 5% damage reduction, 2 HP per piece.
    Gold: 10% damage reduction, 6 HP per piece.
    Diamond: 8% damage reduction, 4 HP per piece.
    Block versions of armor provide double the amount of HP increase and damage reduction.

  Shields provide 5% damage reduction. Blocking provides an additional 33% damage reduction.

  Headshots can occur when shooting with a bow now. Aim at the head for 3x normal damage!


  Hardened Armor can be created. Click for More Information


  Health Regeneration now heals based on the old Minecraft formula. If you're full enough, you will slowly regenerate health.

  Eating food heals 2 HP per food item.
    Tip: For HP healing purposes, Rotten Flesh is now a good source of health!

  Wools can be recolored just like Hardened Clay can now. Click for More Information


  Slabs can be put together into its original block form. Click for More Information


  You can now decompose equipment. Click for More Information


  Spawning rates of monsters are dramatically reduced above ground, but are still high below ground.

  The deeper you go, The harder the mobs get. But the rewards are even greater...
    Will you be brave enough to take on the monsters of the deep?

  Getting off a minecart automatically breaks it for you.

Version 3.0.4

Arrow Quivers!
Published On: 5/15/2016


  Arrow Quivers were added! A new toy to add to your arsenal.

Enabled Features:

  Added Arrow Quiver (Recipe below)

  See The Wiki Page for full information about Arrow Quivers.

  Message of the Day updated with new links. MOTD can now be updated without restarting the plugin.

Bug Fixes:

  Fixed a small right-click glitch when attempting to craft Item Cubes.

Version 3.0.3

Portable Storage is back!
Published On: 5/13/2016


  The main three types of item cubes present in the old version are now back.

Enabled Features:

  Added Item Cube (Recipe below)

       Has 9 storage slots.

  Added Large Item Cube (Recipe below)

       Has 27 storage slots.

  Added Ender Item Cube (Recipe below)

       Has 27 storage slots. When crafted you get 2 of them. Both of them have access to the same inventory. Two players can access it and trade items to one another.

Version 3.0.2a

Recycling center is being a little too crazy...
Published On: 8/8/2015


  The Recycling Center had too many redundant items in it. A mechanism was added to lower the allowance of multiples of the same item inside the Recycling Center.

Bug Fixes:

  Multiples of the same item will have less of a chance of being deposited into Recycling Centers. Resulting in more variety of items.

Version 3.0.2

Aqua is the official color of this Sig's Minecraft Version!
Published On: 8/7/2015


  Recycling Center Added, Don't need all players sleeping to make it Day, lose holding money if you die, the scoreboard healthbars are working So you can see allies' HP! (Keep an eye on that AQUA color. It usually means updated features.)

Enabled Features:

  Recycling Center occasionally takes lost / disappeared items from the ground and deposits them to Twoside's Recycling Center for Pickup. Keep an eye on it!

  Before Joining the Server, it will tell you what time of day the server is at in the day-night cycle. As well as the weather state!

  Make sure you deposit that money! Dying means losing half of any you are still holding!

  When multiple players are on the server, only half the player need to sleep to make it morning!

  Aqua-Colored Healthbars now properly update and can be viewed through the player list and over players' heads!

Version 3.0.1

Bank Signs are here! MONEY!
Published On: 8/6/2015


  Added Functional Bank Signs and a '/money' command along with creating a PlayerData structure that can hold and save information about players on the server.

Enabled Features:

  Created Money and Bank Accounts

  Added a Starter Pack for First-Time Joiners.

  Created Functional Bank Signs to Check Balance, Withdraw, and Deposit Money

  Added '/money' command.

  Created a Player Data Structure to keep track of money and other information about players.

Bug Fixes:

  Fixed a config value that was not being read from the config.

Version 3.0

We're like cavemen. Always going back to our roots and starting over...
Published On: 8/5/2015


  Server is back up as Minecraft v1.8.8!

  'TwosideKeeper' is the name of the new plugin that will control all systems of the world. Much like before. Additions will be made over time!

Enabled Features:

  Fast Minecart System. (Does not require signs anymore! Auto-slows at turns and hills.)

  Days / Night Cycle is double length as before.

  Welcome & Leave Sounds when players Come and Go

  Server Announcements, Automatic Backups, and Automatic World Saving

  Internal Server Tick System is Working